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Jun 5

1. Which is the best way to define hypertext?

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Jun 6
Hypertext refers to a system of interconnected text or multimedia elements, allowing users to navigate between different pieces of information non-sequentially. It is commonly associated with the World Wide Web and web browsing, although it can exist in other forms as well. Hypertext enables non-linear reading and browsing experiences by providing links or hyperlinks within the text that allow users to jump to related or referenced content with a simple click or tap. The defining characteristic of hypertext is its non-linear structure, which contrasts with traditional linear mediums such as books or articles. It allows users to follow their own paths, choosing which links to follow and which content to explore further. This interconnectedness and freedom of navigation make hypertext a powerful tool for organizing and accessing information in a dynamic and flexible manner. In essence, hypertext is an interactive and interconnected network of information that enables users to explore and retrieve content in a non-linear fashion, transforming the way we interact with and consume information.
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