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May 24

By the 6th c bce papyrus was widely used in which world?

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May 24
By the 6th century BCE, papyrus was widely used in the ancient world, particularly in the Mediterranean region. It was primarily used by the Egyptians, who were the first to develop and utilize papyrus as a writing material around the 3rd millennium BCE. Papyrus was made from the pith of the papyrus plant, which grew abundantly along the banks of the Nile River.

Egyptians used papyrus extensively for various purposes, including religious texts, administrative documents, literary works, and personal correspondence. The popularity of papyrus spread to other civilizations in the region, such as the Greeks and the Romans, who adopted it as a writing material as well.

Papyrus remained the predominant writing material in the ancient Mediterranean world until the rise of parchment and later paper. However, even after the introduction of these alternative materials, papyrus continued to be used to some extent for several centuries.
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