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Differentiate between objective and subjective?


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Objective and subjective are two contrasting concepts often used to describe different aspects of knowledge, experiences, or perspectives. Here's how they differ:


  1. Definition: Objective refers to something that is based on facts, evidence, and independent of personal opinions or biases.
  2. External validity: Objective information can be verified and confirmed by multiple observers, as it relies on observable and measurable data.
  3. Impersonal: Objective statements are neutral and do not include personal feelings or interpretations.
  4. Universal: Objective facts are generally true regardless of individual beliefs or opinions.

Examples of objective statements:

  • "Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius at sea level."
  • "The Earth revolves around the Sun."
  • "The chemical formula for water is H2O."


  1. Definition: Subjective relates to personal viewpoints, opinions, feelings, or experiences that are influenced by individual perspectives, emotions, or biases.
  2. Internal validity: Subjective information is based on personal interpretations and cannot be independently verified by others.
  3. Personal: Subjective statements express personal preferences, emotions, or judgments.
  4. Varied perspectives: Different individuals may have different subjective experiences or opinions about the same situation or object.

Examples of subjective statements:

  • "I think chocolate ice cream is the best flavor."
  • "That movie was very entertaining."
  • "I feel happy when I spend time with my family."

It's important to note that while objective information strives to be unbiased and factual, subjectivity plays a crucial role in shaping personal experiences, emotions, and opinions. Both objective and subjective aspects contribute to our understanding of the world, but they operate on different levels of objectivity and personal interpretation.

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