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May 12

How does Phenomenology respond to formal education systems?

Question 1

Write short notes on each of the following philosophies’ views on education:

• Empiricism

• Phenomenology

• Scientific rationalism

• Hermeneutics

• Critical Theory

Question 2

2.1 How can the notion of ubuntu be incorporated in your classroom practice

2.2. What do you think African Philosophy can help us to achieve in education?

Question 3

3.1 How does Phenomenology respond to formal education systems?

3.2 What can Scientific Rationalism help us to achieve in education

3.3 What is Critical theory’s criticism of modern schooling?

Question 4

Compare the work of Hans-Georg Gadamer and Rudolf Steiner. In your discussion you should

indicate how their views could influence your classroom practice. Consult chapter 5 of your

prescribed textbook


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Jul 9
Phenomenology is deeply concerned about the impact of formal,
prescriptive education systems on young children.
Phenomenology states that any real education, to be worthy of the name
‘education’, must pay far more attention to human values (eg dignity,
creativity and authenticity).
According to Phenomenology, education is not about the teaching of
technical competence,
Phenomenology claims that education mirrors the human condition,
which means that it necessarily contains an element of mystery. (In plain
terms, the child’s ability to learn is not easily understood and not easily
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