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Dec 16, 2020

Thanks you or Thank you? What is correct?

There are too many people, wellknown people, even public speakers who use "Thanks you" when someone compliments them. I was wandering - as my mother tongue is Hungarian and only my third language is English - wether the "Thanks you" is correct or not since I've heared it so many times.

At highschool we were taught to say "Thank you" but is was already 25 years ago, there could have been changes in the English grammer, who knows... I am not an expert for sure. The influencers I follow through social media are all under 30, they must have fresh knowledge about the correct form of " Thanks you " or " Thank you ".

I would be really glad if you could help me out because it makes me really confused. This expression is used each and every day, it's important to know the gramatically spotless form. Thank you


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Dec 16, 2020

The highschool English teachers are more likely to be right in this question. Thanks you or Thanks You is not correct, the proper way to express your gratitude is Thank you.

Although "thanks you" can be used in a certain context but it has nothing to do with your question. Good example if you send a gift to your friend's family, your friend calls you and tells you this: "My mother thanks you the gift, the cake was amazing."

There are "Thanks" or "Thanks to you" which are also correct but the situation you should say them is way different. First of all "Thanks" you can say to friends, family, colleagues because it is informal, it goes well in almost any situation. "Thanks to you" is also informal but there is a slight difference between the two expressions.

If you really want to emphasize your gratitude towards a certain person, then you use "Thanks to you".

Writing You - the "Y" with capital letter - it is also many times mistaken. It is unnecessary because the context helps to decide wether you mean it formal or informal. The formal text shouldn't contain abbrevations, apostrophes or slang expressions, too.

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