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Banchayehu Kochito
Jul 24

The computer based information system support the market function in the areas of ?

a.sales management
b.product management
c.advertising and promotion
D.sales forecasting
E.All of the above

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Jul 25

e. All of the above

Computer-based information systems can support the market function in all of the mentioned areas:

a. Sales Management: Computer-based information systems can assist in managing sales activities, tracking customer orders, managing sales pipelines, analyzing sales performance, and generating sales reports.

b. Product Management: Information systems can help in managing product data, inventory, pricing, product descriptions, and product catalogs, making it easier for businesses to track and update product information.

c. Advertising and Promotion: Information systems can aid in designing, managing, and tracking advertising and promotional campaigns. They can also provide data on the effectiveness of marketing efforts and customer responses to advertisements.

d. Sales Forecasting: Information systems can analyze historical sales data, market trends, and customer behavior to help in sales forecasting and predicting future demand for products or services.

By leveraging computer-based information systems in these areas, businesses can gain valuable insights, improve decision-making, enhance customer experiences, and optimize their market strategies.

Kavitesh Chandra
Aug 1
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Step 1
a) e. all of the above is the correct answer.

Step 2
b) .
Computer-based information systems can support various market functions in the areas of sales management, product management, advertising and promotion, and sales forecasting. These systems can help in tracking and managing sales activities, monitoring product inventory and performance, creating and managing advertising campaigns, and analyzing sales data to forecast future sales trends.
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