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What are accountability and professionalism?


There is evidence that teachers do not behave professionally in South African schools. The

issues range from absenteeism, to not honouring teaching periods etc.

As a principal, you are advised to develop a strategy to instil values of accountability

and professionalism in the teachers at your school.

Use the following guidelines when writing your essay:

1.Provide a heading for your essay.

2.Write an introduction.

3.Discuss the different types of unprofessional behaviour experienced in schools.

4.Lay out your strategy to help teachers be accountable and act professionally.



Please note the following:

• Your essay must not exceed 6 (six) typed pages.

• Please acknowledge the sources of your information.

• Do not copy directly from the sources – paraphrase.

• Provide your essay with a bibliography.

• The bibliography must be in alphabetical order, for example:

Higgs, P & Smith, J. 2016. Philosophy of education today: An introduction. Cape Town: Juta.

Mkhabela, Q & Luthuli, C. 1997. Towards an African philosophy of education. Pretoria

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