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What are the two main functions for senior managers based on Pretorius and Lemmer (1998 :71)?


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I apologize, but I couldn't find any specific reference to Pretorius and Lemmer (1998) or their work on senior management functions. It's possible that the information you're referring to may not be widely available.

However, in general, senior managers are responsible for a wide range of functions within an organization. While the specific functions can vary depending on the organization and industry, here are two common main functions associated with senior managers:

  1. Strategic Planning: Senior managers are typically involved in setting the long-term direction and goals of the organization. They engage in strategic planning, which involves analyzing the internal and external environment, identifying opportunities and threats, and formulating strategies to achieve the organization's objectives. They make critical decisions regarding resource allocation, expansion, diversification, and other aspects of the organization's strategic direction.
  2. Organizational Leadership: Senior managers provide leadership and guidance to the organization. They establish the organizational culture, values, and norms, and ensure alignment with the overall strategic direction. They build and manage high-performing teams, delegate responsibilities, and promote collaboration among various departments. Senior managers are also responsible for creating and maintaining effective communication channels within the organization and representing the organization externally to stakeholders.

Remember that the specific functions of senior managers can vary based on factors such as industry, organizational size, and structure. Therefore, it's always helpful to refer to the specific source or context you mentioned for a more accurate understanding of their stated functions.

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