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What is DHIS 2 software?

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DHIS 2 (District Health Information Software 2) is an open-source software platform used for the collection, management, analysis, and visualization of health data. It is designed to support health information systems in low-resource settings, particularly in the context of public health programs and national health systems.

DHIS 2 provides a flexible and customizable framework for data collection, allowing users to define data elements, indicators, and data sets specific to their needs. It supports various data collection methods, including web-based data entry, mobile data capture, and offline data synchronization.

The software also includes features for data validation, data quality checks, data aggregation, and data analysis. It offers a range of built-in analytics tools, such as pivot tables, charts, and maps, to help users interpret and visualize their data. Additionally, DHIS 2 supports interoperability with other health information systems through data exchange standards.

DHIS 2 is widely used by governments, non-governmental organizations, and international agencies for health data management and monitoring. It has been adopted in over 100 countries and is recognized as a leading tool for health information systems strengthening.
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