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Apr 28, 2020

Which are the oceans of the Earth? How many oceans are there?

How many oceans are in the world and what are their names?


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Apr 28, 2020

There are 5 oceans on Earth. Here is the list of them, in descending order of their size:

1. Pacific Ocean - it is the largest ocean in the world, covering more than 30% of the total surface of the planet. Almost half of the total amount of water on the globe is found in this ocean. It borders the west coasts of the Americas and the east coasts of Asia and Australia. Its name comes from Latin and means "quiet".

2. Atlantic Ocean - it is the second largest ocean in the world, but it has the saltiest water. It borders Europe and Africa to the east and North and South America to the west. It got its name from the Greek god Atlas.

3. Indian Ocean - it is the third largest ocean in the world and comprises about 20% of the amount of water on Earth. It borders India, Africa, Australia and the Southern Ocean.

4. Southern Ocean - it is the fourth largest ocean in the world, but it is the newest of them, being recognized by the International Hydrographic Organization as an ocean only in 2000. It stretches around Antarctica. It is the ocean least understood by researchers, being located in an area with a severe climate and very far away from populated areas.

5. Arctic Ocean - it is the smallest of the 5 oceans of the Earth, but it is also the least salty. It has an area similar to that of Russia and it is located at the North Pole. Due to its northern position, it is covered by ice, which unfortunately has begun to melt in recent years.

In addition to these five oceans, there is the concept called the World Ocean or Global Ocean, which means the interconnected system of all the oceans and seas on the globe and covers 71% of the Earth's surface.

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