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May 27

Why can the Independent National Commission not be totally detached from presidency ?

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May 29

Title: The Independent National Commission Cannot Be Totally Detached from the Presidency

Opening Statement: While the concept of an independent commission may sound appealing, it is crucial to recognize that complete detachment from the presidency is not a practical or desirable goal. Below are some arguments supporting the notion that the Independent National Commission should maintain some level of connection to the presidency in order to ensure efficiency, accountability, and effective governance.

Argument 1: Effective Collaboration and Decision-Making

The presidency, as the highest executive office in the country, holds significant responsibilities and powers. It is important to acknowledge that the president is elected by the people to represent their interests and is ultimately accountable to the electorate. Therefore, maintaining a connection between the Independent National Commission and the presidency facilitates effective collaboration and decision-making. By having a connection, the commission can align its goals with the national agenda set by the president, ensuring coherent policies and strategies that serve the best interests of the nation.

Argument 2: Expertise and Guidance

The presidency often has access to valuable resources, expertise, and knowledge that can benefit the Independent National Commission. Detaching the commission entirely from the presidency may lead to a loss of critical guidance and support. The president, as the head of state, possesses insights and information from various government departments, intelligence agencies, and international relationships. A connection to the presidency allows the commission to tap into this wealth of knowledge, ensuring a more comprehensive and informed decision-making process.

Argument 3: Accountability and Oversight

In a democratic society, accountability and oversight are crucial to prevent abuse of power and ensure transparency. Detaching the Independent National Commission from the presidency risks creating a lack of accountability, as there would be no direct connection between the commission and the highest office of the executive branch. By maintaining a connection, the commission can be held accountable for its actions and decisions, and the presidency can oversee its functioning to ensure that it adheres to the principles of fairness, integrity, and justice.

Counterargument: Potential for Political Influence

Critics may argue that maintaining a connection between the Independent National Commission and the presidency opens the door for potential political influence and interference. While this concern is valid, it can be mitigated through proper checks and balances. It is essential to establish clear guidelines and mechanisms that ensure the independence and integrity of the commission's operations, such as transparent appointment processes, fixed terms for commission members, and strong safeguards against undue influence or partisan bias.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the complete detachment of the Independent National Commission from the presidency is neither practical nor desirable. The connection between these institutions fosters effective collaboration, enables the utilization of expertise and guidance, and ensures accountability and oversight. While precautions must be taken to guard against political interference, a balanced approach that maintains a connection while upholding the commission's independence is essential for the overall functioning and effectiveness of our democratic system.

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