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End of tenancy cleaning Kensington
5 hours ago

Do you need professional end-of-tenancy cleaning in Kensington?

Need help with cleaning when moving out from the house which is located in Kensington, London? End to End company gives you an opportunity to save your time with high-quality end-of-tenancy cleaning in Kensington. Book our service if you want the rental place will be perfectly clean and if you want to get your deposit back. The service is suitable for landlords, tenants, agencies and also when leaving the rental place or when moving in. Check our website to learn more about us and our suggestions or make a phone call at 020 3404 5102 for an appointment. Our team of specialists will take care to turn back in a good condition the house or office.

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6 days ago

Would you?

Great conversations, known each other for a year... then they offer their number.  But they are married. Would you accept?  Knowing they are not entirely content in their marriage.

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6 days ago

How do I take this?

If a married person offers their number to you, would you take it?

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more than 1 week ago

Hi! I wanna ask and see your opinion about this..?

So i have this friend for a while and she keeps on asking me everytime what's our homework like ALWAYS its like, she's been relying on me all the time and this time she asked ME to make her a PROJECT. And i had enough of her bcs it's an individual task! So i talked to her and she apologized but idk what to do.. i told her that I'll think abt it and its been a day.. what should i do?

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Peter Rodgers
more than 1 week ago

What's the Right Choice for a Locksmith in Greenford?

Hello! What locksmith in Greenford you are using for your emergency cases? I just lost my pair of keys for the second time this year and I want to find a reliable emergency locksmith contractor that can show up for a max of 30 minutes. We all know how stressful and bothering can be to find out that you are locked out of your own property and let's not even talk if it is late at night. You gotta stay there for 2 hours until help arrives and if you are in a hurry everything goes wrong. The contractor should offer services like key removal, door unlock, lock repair and so on. I'm also looking to install some CCTV security system so this will also be an advantage.

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Rubbish Collection London
more than 1 week ago

Are you searching for a reliable company that provides professional rubbish collection in London?

Choose Rubbish Please and you will get professional rubbish collection in London at reasonable prices. We are a company with many years of experience, high-qualified staff and first-class equipment. that contributes to our fast and professionally done work. When we take your rubbish, we transport it to a safe disposal centre, because we are a company that strives to keep the environment clean. Check our website page or call us on our 24/7 customer phone line at 020 3404 5556, get the information you need and book rubbish collection in London.

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