Frequently Asked Questions

Below we asnwer to some of the most frequently asked questions about Quanswer. We are unable to answer all questions here, so if you have any other questions, please contact us.

1. What does Quanswer mean?
The name Quanswer is derived from the English words question and answer. In English, the word quanswer also makes sense and its meaning is nothing more than answering a question with a question.
2. For what purpose was Quanswer created?
Our goal is to create a community where users are free to ask and answer questions in a friendly way, all this happening in a user-friendly environment.
3. Who can ask questions on the site?
Anyone can read the questions on Quanswer, but registration is required before you ask or answer a question.
4. Who answers the questions?
Anyone who has registered on the site has the opportunity to answer the questions. On Quanswer, the users can also get expert answers.
5. Who are the experts?
Experts are verified users who have passed a certain check.
6. Can anyone be an expert on Quanswer?
Yes, if they can prove that they are proficient in a particular subject.
7. What are the benefits of being an expert?
Experts on the site can provide more information about themselves, which helps them gain more popularity.
8. Is is possible to ask or answer a question anonymously?
Yes, users have the opportunity to post their personal questions and answers anonymously on the site.
9. What are the tags?
All questions must be tagged. The automated system of the site helps in this, but the tags we recommend do not always define the topic most accurately. In this case, you may want to add additional tags manually.
If you are particularly interested in a specific topic, please subscribe to that tag and you will receive an email notification when a new question related to that topic comes.
10. Is it possible to delete the user account?
You can delete your account at any time on the profile page.
11. What happens to the questions you ask after deleting your account?
If you delete an account, the questions ask by you will remain available, but the author of the question will automatically become anonymous.

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