Our Mission

"Cogito, ergo sum" - said René Descartes centuries ago and his statement is still valid to this day.

We truly exist only if we think and our existence can be defined best by how we think. Thinking is part of knowledge, however thinking alone is not enough: we need information as well. Our thoughts give birth to questions that we often don't know where to find answers to.

This is what Quanswer can help with: you can ask about anything here, even anonymously. You don't have to worry about the question being too " basic", too personal, or too embarrassing!

Quanswer's mission is to build an online community where reciprocal help is the main goal. A place where anyone can ask about anything, anyone is free to join, anyone can answer, help others and express their opinion in the most honest way. Please be aware of these things!

Our community is built upon trust. If you have a question which is too personal and you feel uncomfortable to ask it publicly, you can ask it anonymously. If your question is complex and you need the opinion of a real expert, please tag your question accordingly and ask for the help of our experts. They are members who are proficient in their domains of activity and we notify them about the tagged questions. They give you really useful answers. On the long term, our goal is to have as many experts as possible so that we build a huge knowledge base where you can find the answer for any question.

If you are truly proficient in some topic and you would like to be part of a team which is committed to help others by sharing their knowledge, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

"If you have any questions, the answer is Quanswer."

If you would like to find out even more about Quanswer, please visit our frequently asked questions page.


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