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Mathematical literacy
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Mathematical literacy refers to the ability to understand and apply mathematical concepts in various real-world situations. It involves being able to interpret and analyze data, solve problems, and make informed decisions using mathematical reasoning. Mathematical literacy is an important skill that is necessary for success in many fields, including science, technology, engineering, and finance.
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Mathematical literacy refers to an individual's ability to think mathematically and to apply mathematical knowledge and reasoning to solve problems in a variety of contexts. It involves the ability to:

- Understand and use mathematical concepts and language
- Represent and interpret mathematical information
- Solve mathematical problems
- Apply mathematical knowledge to real-world situations

Mathematical literacy is essential for everyday life, as it enables individuals to make informed decisions, solve problems, and communicate effectively. It is also important for success in many fields of study and work, including science, engineering, business, and finance.

1.1.1 is a specific reference to a section or topic within the broader subject of mathematical literacy. It is not possible to provide a detailed explanation without more context, but it is likely that the topic covered in 1.1.1 focuses on a particular aspect of mathematical literacy, such as:

- Understanding and using mathematical vocabulary
- Representing mathematical information in different formats (e.g., tables, graphs, equations)
- Solving basic mathematical problems
- Applying mathematical knowledge to everyday situations

To learn more about the specific topic covered in 1.1.1, you would need to consult a relevant curriculum or textbook.

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