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A brief about kerala youth football championship ?

A brief about kerala youth football championship
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The Kerala Youth Football Championship is an annual football tournament organized for youth players in the state of Kerala, India. The championship aims to provide a platform for young footballers to showcase their talent and compete against their peers from different regions of Kerala.

The tournament is usually held in various age categories, ranging from under-12 to under-18, and attracts teams from schools, clubs, and academies across the state. The championship is a highly competitive event that helps in identifying and nurturing young talent in the sport of football.

The Kerala Youth Football Championship also serves as a pathway for talented players to progress to higher levels of competition and potentially represent their state or country in national and international tournaments. The tournament is a great opportunity for young footballers to gain valuable experience, improve their skills, and make a name for themselves in the footballing community.
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Kerala Youth Football Championship

The Kerala Youth Football Championship is an annual state-level football tournament organized by the Kerala Football Association (KFA). It is open to teams from various districts and football clubs in Kerala, India.

Age Categories:

The championship is divided into several age categories, typically ranging from U-14 to U-19. Each category features separate competitions for boys and girls.


The tournament follows a knockout format, with teams competing in single-elimination matches. The matches are played in various venues across Kerala, including cities like Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, and Kozhikode.


The primary objectives of the Kerala Youth Football Championship are to:

- Identify and nurture young football talents in the state
- Promote the development of youth football in Kerala
- Provide a platform for young players to showcase their skills and compete at a high level


The winning teams in each age category receive trophies and medals, along with recognition for their achievements. Notable past winners of the championship include notable football clubs such as Kerala Blasters FC and Gokulam Kerala FC.


The Kerala Youth Football Championship is a highly prestigious event in the state and serves as a stepping stone for many young footballers to pursue a career in the sport. It has helped produce several talented players who have gone on to represent India internationally and play professionally in major leagues.

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