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African folktale clever jackle gets away story summery or narration?

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Once upon a time, in the heart of Africa, there lived a clever and mischievous jackal named Jack. Jack was known throughout the land for his cunning ways and his ability to outsmart even the trickiest of situations.

One day, Jack found himself in a sticky situation when he stumbled upon a group of hungry lions who were looking for their next meal. Knowing that he was no match for the powerful predators, Jack quickly came up with a plan to outwit them.

He approached the lions with a confident swagger, pretending to be their friend. He told them that he had heard of a delicious feast nearby and offered to lead them to it. The lions, eager for a meal, eagerly agreed and followed Jack into the dense jungle.

As they walked deeper into the forest, Jack led the lions to a clearing where a group of hunters were waiting with their spears at the ready. Jack had tricked the lions into walking into a trap, and they were quickly surrounded by the hunters.

But Jack was not done yet. With a quick flick of his tail, he darted away from the scene and disappeared into the bushes, leaving the lions to fend for themselves. The hunters were able to capture the lions and take them away, but Jack had managed to escape unscathed.

From that day on, Jack was hailed as a hero in the animal kingdom for his quick thinking and clever ways. He continued to roam the land, always staying one step ahead of his enemies and using his wit to outsmart anyone who dared to challenge him. And so, the legend of the clever jackal who always got away lived on in the hearts of all who knew his story.
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In an African folktale, the clever Jackal outsmarts the greedy Lion. One day, a group of animals decide to have a feast, and the Jackal is in charge of collecting the food. He goes to the Lion's den and asks the Lion if he can have some of his meat. The Lion agrees, but he warns the Jackal not to take too much.

The Jackal takes a small piece of meat, but then he goes back for more. The Lion gets angry and chases the Jackal, but the Jackal is too clever for him. He runs in circles and changes direction, and the Lion can't catch him.

Finally, the Lion gives up and goes back to his den. The Jackal takes the rest of the meat and eats it himself. The other animals are amazed by the Jackal's cleverness, and they all agree that he is the cleverest animal in the forest.

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