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African folktale the tortoise and the hare story summery or narration?

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Once upon a time, in the African savannah, there lived a tortoise and a hare. The hare was known for his speed and agility, while the tortoise was slow and steady. The hare would often boast about his speed and challenge the tortoise to a race, but the tortoise would always decline, knowing he could never win against the swift hare.

One day, the hare grew tired of the tortoise's refusal to race and decided to mock him in front of all the other animals. He challenged the tortoise to a race once again, and this time the tortoise accepted. The animals gathered to watch the race, with many of them laughing at the thought of the slow tortoise competing against the fast hare.

The race began, and the hare quickly darted ahead, leaving the tortoise far behind. The hare was so confident in his speed that he decided to take a nap under a tree, thinking he could easily catch up to the tortoise later. Meanwhile, the tortoise continued to plod along at his slow and steady pace, never stopping or giving up.

When the hare woke up from his nap, he was shocked to see the tortoise nearing the finish line. With all his might, the hare sprinted towards the finish line, but it was too late. The tortoise had crossed the finish line first, winning the race.

The animals cheered for the tortoise, amazed at how he had beaten the hare with his determination and perseverance. The hare learned a valuable lesson that day, realizing that slow and steady wins the race. And from then on, he never underestimated the tortoise or anyone else again. And the tortoise, despite his slow speed, was forever respected for his unwavering determination.
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Once upon a time, there was a cunning tortoise named Chewe and a speedy hare named Akowa. Akowa was proud of his speed, and he often teased Chewe for being slow.

One day, Akowa challenged Chewe to a race. Despite being much slower, Chewe accepted. On the day of the race, Akowa took an early lead and quickly disappeared. Chewe, using his cunning, thought of a plan.

Along the path, he asked his friends, the snail and the millipede, to wait at different points. As Akowa passed them, Chewe told them to shout, "Chewe has already passed."

Confused, Akowa stopped to ask questions. This gave Chewe time to catch up. Akowa, thinking he had already won, took a nap under a tree. Chewe slowly crept past him and reached the finish line first.


In this folktale, the slow but cunning tortoise, Chewe, defeats the arrogant and fast hare, Akowa, in a race. Chewe uses his intelligence and wit to outsmart Akowa, proving that even the smallest and slowest creatures can overcome adversity with cleverness and strategy.

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