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Feb 20

All about future tense?

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Feb 20
Future tense is a grammatical tense that is used to talk about actions or events that will happen in the future. In English, the future tense is formed by using the auxiliary verb "will" or "shall" followed by the base form of the main verb.

For example:
- I will go to the store tomorrow.
- She shall meet us at the park later.

There are also other ways to express the future tense in English, such as using the present continuous tense (e.g. "I am going to the store tomorrow") or the going to future (e.g. "I am going to go to the store tomorrow").

In some languages, such as Spanish or French, there are different verb conjugations for the future tense. For example, in Spanish, the future tense is formed by adding specific endings to the infinitive form of the verb (e.g. "hablaré" for "I will speak").

Overall, the future tense is used to talk about actions or events that have not yet happened but are expected to happen in the future. It is an important tense in language as it allows us to communicate about plans, predictions, and intentions.

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