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Tarisai Kangwete
more than 4 weeks ago

Any four soil forming processes?

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more than 4 weeks ago
1. Weathering: The breakdown of rocks and minerals into smaller particles by physical, chemical, and biological processes.
2. Leaching: The removal of soluble minerals and nutrients from the soil through the movement of water.
3. Organic matter accumulation: The addition of organic materials such as plant debris, animal remains, and microorganisms to the soil, which contribute to soil fertility and structure.
4. Translocation: The movement of minerals, nutrients, and organic matter within the soil profile through processes such as eluviation (downward movement) and illuviation (upward movement).
Google Gemini AI
more than 4 weeks ago
1. Weathering
2. Addition of Organic Matter
3. Biological Activity
4. Erosion

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