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Otude Moses
Feb 25

basic needs for a family?


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Feb 25
1. Shelter: A safe and secure place to live, such as a house or apartment.

2. Food: an adequate and nutritious supply of food to sustain the family's health and well-being.

3. Water: access to clean and safe drinking water for hydration and sanitation.

4. Clothing: appropriate clothing to protect the family from the elements and maintain their comfort.

5. Healthcare: access to medical care and services to address any health issues or emergencies.

6. Education: opportunities for children to receive a quality education and adults to pursue further learning or training.

7. Income: a source of income to meet the family's financial needs and expenses.

8. Transportation: access to reliable transportation for commuting to work, school, and other essential activities.

9. Communication: access to communication tools and services, such as phones or internet, to stay connected with others and access information.

10. Safety and security: a safe and secure environment free from violence, crime, and other threats to the family's well-being.

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