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Benefits agribusiness incubatees are give after incubation in Kenya School of agriculture (YABICS)?

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1. Access to market networks: YABICS provides incubatees with access to market networks, helping them to connect with potential buyers and distributors for their products.

2. Business development support: Incubatees receive ongoing support and guidance in developing their agribusinesses, including assistance with business planning, financial management, and marketing strategies.

3. Access to funding opportunities: YABICS helps incubatees to access funding opportunities, such as grants, loans, and investment opportunities, to help them grow and scale their businesses.

4. Training and capacity building: Incubatees receive training and capacity building support in various aspects of agribusiness, including production techniques, value addition, and quality control.

5. Networking opportunities: YABICS provides incubatees with opportunities to network with other agribusiness professionals, industry experts, and potential partners, helping them to expand their professional connections and collaborations.

6. Access to resources and facilities: Incubatees have access to YABICS' resources and facilities, including research laboratories, demonstration farms, and processing facilities, to help them develop and test their products.

7. Mentorship and coaching: YABICS provides incubatees with mentorship and coaching support from experienced agribusiness professionals, helping them to navigate challenges and make informed decisions for their businesses.
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Benefits Agribusiness Incubatees Receive after Incubation at YABICS, Kenya School of Agriculture

Market Access and Networks:

- Access to established markets and distribution channels for their products
- Partnerships with buyers, distributors, and retailers
- Exposure to industry professionals and potential investors

Capacity Building and Training:

- Ongoing mentorship and guidance from experienced agribusiness experts
- Training in areas such as business planning, marketing, finance, and technology
- Access to specialized equipment, facilities, and resources

Financial Support:

- Seed funding and other financial assistance to support business development
- Access to credit and financing options
- Financial management and budgeting guidance

Research and Innovation:

- Connection to research institutions and access to research findings
- Support for product development and innovation
- Use of modern technologies and equipment

Networking and Collaboration:

- Membership in industry associations and networks
- Opportunities to collaborate with other incubatees and external partners
- Access to a network of investors, business leaders, and mentors

Monitoring and Evaluation:

- Regular progress monitoring and feedback
- Support in developing business metrics and measuring impact
- Access to industry-specific data and analysis

Other Benefits:

- Office space and infrastructure
- Legal and compliance support
- Access to technical assistance and information services
- Public relations and marketing assistance

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