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Apr 15

Characteristics of literature review?

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Apr 15
1. Comprehensive: A literature review should provide a thorough overview of existing research and literature on a particular topic or research question.

2. Critical analysis: A literature review should not only summarize existing research but also critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each study, identifying gaps in the literature and areas for further research.

3. Synthesis: A literature review should synthesize and integrate findings from multiple sources to provide a coherent and comprehensive understanding of the topic.

4. Organized: A literature review should be well-organized, with a clear structure that guides the reader through the different sections and subtopics.

5. Objective: A literature review should be objective and unbiased, presenting a balanced view of the existing research without personal bias or opinion.

6. Current: A literature review should include recent and up-to-date sources to ensure that the review reflects the most current research and understanding of the topic.

7. Relevant: A literature review should focus on sources that are directly relevant to the research question or topic at hand, excluding irrelevant or tangential sources.

8. Clear and concise: A literature review should be written in clear and concise language, avoiding unnecessary jargon or technical language that may confuse the reader.

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