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Characteristics of ruiru 11?

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1. Ruiru 11 is a high-yielding coffee variety that was developed in Kenya specifically for its resistance to Coffee Berry Disease (CBD) and Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR).

2. It is known for its excellent cup quality, with a bright acidity, full body, and floral and fruity notes.

3. Ruiru 11 is a dwarf variety, meaning it has a compact growth habit that makes it easier to manage and harvest.

4. This variety is also known for its high productivity, with farmers reporting increased yields compared to other coffee varieties.

5. Ruiru 11 is well-suited to the Kenyan climate and soil conditions, making it a popular choice among coffee farmers in the region.

6. It is a hybrid variety, created by crossing the Rume Sudan and SL28 coffee varieties.

7. Ruiru 11 is considered to be a sustainable choice for coffee farmers, as its disease resistance reduces the need for chemical inputs and its high yields can increase farmers' incomes.
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Characteristics of Ruiru 11 Potato Variety

- Semi-early maturing (75-90 days)

Tuber Appearance:
- Oval to round shape with shallow eyes
- Skin color: Smooth, light brown with irregular white patches
- Flesh color: Cream to light yellow

Tuber Size and Quality:
- Large to very large tuber size, with an average weight of 150-250g
- High dry matter content (18-20%)
- Firm and dense flesh with good storage quality

Yield Potential:
- High yield potential, with an average of 30-40 tons/ha in optimal conditions

Disease Resistance:
- Good resistance to common potato diseases, including:
- Late blight
- Early blight
- Potato virus Y (PVY)
- Potato virus X (PVX)

Climatic Adaptation:
- Performs well in a wide range of climatic conditions
- Tolerant to drought and heat stress
- Suitable for cultivation in both highlands and lowlands

Culinary Properties:
- Excellent eating and processing qualities
- Suitable for boiling, frying, roasting, and making chips
- Low sugar content, resulting in less browning during frying

Other Characteristics:
- Upright plant habit with a medium canopy
- Produces few stolons and tubers
- Relatively low susceptibility to bruising

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