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SL.28 is a coffee varietal that is known for its unique flavor profile and resistance to diseases. Some of the characteristics of SL.28 include:

1. Flavor: SL.28 is known for its bright acidity and complex flavor profile. It often has notes of blackcurrant, citrus, and floral undertones.

2. Disease resistance: SL.28 is resistant to many common coffee diseases, making it a popular choice for farmers looking to reduce the risk of crop loss.

3. High cup quality: SL.28 is prized for its high cup quality, with many coffee enthusiasts considering it to be one of the best-tasting varietals available.

4. Origin: SL.28 was developed in Kenya by Scott Agricultural Laboratories in the 1930s. It is a hybrid of two other coffee varietals, Bourbon and Mocha.

5. Growing conditions: SL.28 thrives in high-altitude regions with rich, well-drained soil and consistent rainfall. It is typically grown in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

Overall, SL.28 is a highly sought-after coffee varietal known for its exceptional flavor profile and disease resistance.
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Characteristics of SL.28

Origin: Kenya
Genetics: Hybrid of SL.14 and Tanganyika
Cup Profile:
- Rich, full-bodied flavor
- Complex acidity with citrusy, floral, and tropical fruit notes
- Sweet and juicy with a balanced, lingering aftertaste

- Thrives in high altitudes (above 1,700 meters)
- Prefers well-drained volcanic soils
- Requires ample rainfall (1,500-2,000 mm)
- Susceptible to Coffee Berry Disease and Coffee Leaf Rust

Tree Characteristics:
- Tall and vigorous with upright branches
- High yield potential
- Small to medium-sized leaves

Bean Characteristics:
- Dense and heavy
- Elongated and slightly curved
- Greenish-blue hue before roasting

- Widely grown in Kenya and other East African countries
- Known for its high quality and distinctive flavor profile
- Often used as a component in blended coffees
- Highly prized by specialty coffee connoisseurs

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