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Nov 3, 2023

Compare and contrast. How he feel after the tornado hits?

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Nov 3, 2023
To accurately compare and contrast how someone feels after a tornado hits, we need to consider two different perspectives: the person directly affected by the tornado and someone who witnesses the aftermath but is not directly impacted.

1. Person directly affected by the tornado:
- Emotions: The person may experience a wide range of emotions, including fear, shock, and disbelief immediately after the tornado hits. They may feel a sense of loss, grief, and sadness if they have lost their home, belongings, or loved ones. Anxiety and uncertainty about the future may also be prevalent.
- Physical impact: They may have physical injuries or health issues resulting from the tornado, which can further contribute to their emotional state.
- Immediate needs: Their primary focus may be on survival, finding shelter, and ensuring the safety of themselves and their loved ones. They may feel overwhelmed by the destruction and the daunting task of rebuilding their lives.

2. Witness to the aftermath:
- Emotions: While not directly affected, witnessing the aftermath of a tornado can evoke feelings of empathy, sympathy, and concern for those impacted. They may feel a sense of relief that they were not directly affected but also guilt for their fortune.
- Empathy and support: Witnessing the devastation may inspire a desire to help and support those affected. They may feel motivated to provide assistance, donate resources, or volunteer their time to aid in the recovery efforts.
- Emotional impact: Witnessing the destruction and the suffering of others can be emotionally distressing, leading to feelings of sadness, helplessness, or even survivor's guilt.

In summary, the person directly affected by the tornado experiences a wide range of intense emotions, physical impact, and immediate needs, while someone who witnesses the aftermath may experience empathy, a desire to help, and emotional distress from witnessing the devastation.

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