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Apr 18

Cyclin dependent kinases?

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Apr 18
Cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) are a family of protein kinases that are involved in regulating the cell cycle. They work in conjunction with cyclins, which are regulatory proteins that bind to CDKs and activate their kinase activity. CDKs play a crucial role in controlling the progression of the cell cycle by phosphorylating target proteins that are involved in various cellular processes, such as DNA replication, chromosome segregation, and cell division. Dysregulation of CDK activity can lead to uncontrolled cell proliferation and is associated with various diseases, including cancer.
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Apr 18
Cyclin-Dependent Kinases (CDKs)


- CDKs are a family of protein kinases that play a crucial role in cell cycle progression.
- They require association with a cyclin to become active.
- Different cyclin-CDK combinations regulate specific transitions in the cell cycle.


- CDKs consist of a catalytic subunit with a kinase domain.
- Cyclins are regulatory subunits that interact with CDKs and activate their enzymatic activity.


- Phosphorylate target proteins to initiate and regulate key events of the cell cycle, including:
- DNA replication
- Chromosome condensation
- Mitosis
- Exit from mitosis

Cell Cycle Regulation:

- CDK-cyclin complexes are regulated by a variety of mechanisms, including:
- Gene expression
- Proteolysis
- Phosphorylation
- The activity of these complexes is tightly coordinated to ensure proper cell cycle progression.

Classes of CDKs:

- CDK1-CDK4: Associated with specific cyclins to drive different phases of the cell cycle.
- CDK5-CDK11: Involved in neuron development and gene transcription.
- CDK12-CDK20: Regulate RNA polymerase II transcription.

Clinical Significance:

- Dysregulation of CDKs has been implicated in various diseases, including:
- Cancer
- Neurodegenerative disorders
- Immune disorders

Therapeutic Targeting:

- Inhibitors of CDKs are being developed as potential therapies for cancer and other diseases whereCDK dysregulation is involved.


Cyclin-dependent kinases are essential regulators of the cell cycle. Their activity is tightly controlled to ensure accurate cell division. Dysregulation of CDKs can lead to cell cycle abnormalities and various diseases.

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