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Dec 8, 2023

Defin e scholarly definition of research,state three populations in research?

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Dec 8, 2023
A scholarly definition of research is the systematic investigation and study of materials, sources, or subjects in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. It involves the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data to answer a research question or test a hypothesis.

Three populations commonly studied in research are:

1. General population: This refers to the entire group of individuals or entities that the researcher aims to study. It typically includes people from various backgrounds, demographics, and characteristics, representing a broad range of individuals.

2. Target population: This is a specific subset of the general population that the researcher is particularly interested in studying. It is a more focused group that shares certain characteristics or attributes relevant to the research question. For example, if the research is about the effects of a new medication on a specific medical condition, the target population would be individuals diagnosed with that condition.

3. Sample population: Due to practical limitations, it is often not feasible to study the entire general or target population. Therefore, researchers select a smaller group called the sample population, which is a representative subset of the target population. The sample population is chosen using specific sampling techniques to ensure that it accurately reflects the characteristics of the larger population and allows for generalization of findings.
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