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Define research proposal ?

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A research proposal is a document that outlines a proposed research project, including the objectives, methodology, timeline, and budget. It is used to convince funding agencies, academic institutions, or other stakeholders of the importance and feasibility of the research project. The research proposal typically includes a literature review, research questions or hypotheses, and a detailed plan for data collection and analysis.
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Research Proposal

A research proposal is a detailed plan and argument that outlines the research project the researcher intends to undertake. It typically includes the following sections:

1. Introduction
- Presents the research topic and problem statement.
- Provides background information and rationale for the study.

2. Literature Review
- Critically synthesizes existing literature related to the research topic.
- Identifies gaps in knowledge and justifies the need for the proposed research.

3. Research Questions or Hypotheses
- Articulates specific questions or hypotheses that the research aims to address.
- States the expected outcomes or predictions of the study.

4. Methodology
- Describes the research design, methods, and procedures to be used.
- Specifies the sample size, data collection techniques, and analysis methods.

5. Significance and Impact
- Explains the potential significance and impact of the proposed research.
- Discusses how the findings will contribute to the field of study and/or society.

6. Timeline and Budget
- Provides a realistic timeline for the research project.
- Estimates the expenses and resources required to conduct the study.

7. Qualifications of the Researcher
- Demonstrates the researcher's expertise and qualifications to conduct the proposed research.

Purpose of Research Proposal:

- To provide a clear roadmap for the research project.
- To persuade reviewers (e.g., funding agencies, academic committees) that the research is worthwhile and feasible.
- To secure funding or ethical approval for the study.

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