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Ndjong Honoré
Apr 10

Describe an experiment to demonstrate osmosis in living tissues?

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Apr 10
One way to demonstrate osmosis in living tissues is to use a potato as a model organism.

Materials needed:
- Potato
- Knife
- Salt
- Water
- Measuring cup
- Bowl
- Scale

1. Cut the potato into small cubes of equal size.
2. Weigh the potato cubes and record their initial weight.
3. Place the potato cubes in a bowl and cover them with water.
4. Add salt to the water and stir until it is completely dissolved. The salt concentration should be higher outside the potato cubes than inside.
5. Let the potato cubes sit in the saltwater solution for a few hours.
6. After a few hours, remove the potato cubes from the solution and weigh them again.
7. Compare the final weight of the potato cubes to their initial weight. If osmosis has occurred, the potato cubes should have gained weight as water moved into the cells to balance the concentration of salt inside and outside the cells.

This experiment demonstrates osmosis in living tissues by showing how water moves across a semi-permeable membrane (the cell membrane in this case) in response to differences in solute concentration.

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