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Feb 23

Describe an organization using input-process-output model?

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Feb 23
An example of an organization that can be described using the input-process-output model is a manufacturing company.

- Raw materials such as metal, plastic, and electronic components
- Labor from employees
- Machinery and equipment
- Capital for investment and operational expenses
- Information and data related to production processes

- The raw materials are received and inspected for quality
- The materials are then processed and transformed into finished products using machinery and equipment
- Employees work on assembly lines or in production facilities to manufacture the products
- Quality control measures are implemented to ensure that the products meet standards
- Inventory management and supply chain logistics are managed to ensure a smooth production process

- Finished products that are ready for sale to customers
- Waste materials that are recycled or disposed of properly
- Profit and revenue generated from the sale of products
- Customer satisfaction and feedback on the products
- Data and insights on production efficiency and performance

Overall, the manufacturing company takes inputs such as raw materials, labor, and capital, processes them through production processes, and generates outputs in the form of finished products, profit, and customer satisfaction. The input-process-output model helps to understand how the organization functions and how different elements interact to achieve its goals.
Chala Ahmed
more than 1 week ago
The efficiency of a machine is always less than 100 percent because ________________________________. a. the work input is too small b. the work output is too great c. some work input is lost to friction d. a machine cannot have an IMA greater than 1

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