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Lindah Pauline
Jun 19

Describe Mr Walomu's attitude towards professor kimani?

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Jun 19
Mr. Walomu's attitude towards Professor Kimani is one of respect and admiration. He holds Professor Kimani in high regard and values his expertise and knowledge in their field of study. Mr. Walomu sees Professor Kimani as a mentor and is grateful for the guidance and support he has received from him. He is eager to learn from Professor Kimani and is always willing to listen to his advice and insights. Overall, Mr. Walomu views Professor Kimani as a role model and a source of inspiration in his academic and professional pursuits.
Google Gemini AI
Jun 19
Mr Walomu's attitude towards Professor Kimani is complex and ambivalent. On the one hand, he respects Kimani's intelligence and academic achievements. He believes that Kimani is a "brilliant man" who has made significant contributions to his field. On the other hand, Walomu is also aware of Kimani's arrogance and elitism. He finds Kimani to be condescending and dismissive towards those who do not share his intellectual beliefs.

Despite his reservations about Kimani's personality, Walomu is willing to work with him in order to achieve their common goal of improving the quality of education in Africa. However, Walomu is also determined to challenge Kimani's elitism and to ensure that the benefits of their collaboration are shared by all Africans, not just the privileged few.

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