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Feb 20

Describe the post modern paradin period ?

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Feb 20
The postmodern paradigm period is characterized by a rejection of traditional beliefs and values, a skepticism towards grand narratives and universal truths, and a focus on individual experiences and perspectives. It is a time of cultural relativism, where there is an acceptance of multiple truths and realities.

In the postmodern paradigm, there is a blurring of boundaries between different disciplines, as well as a mixing of high and low culture. There is a focus on irony, pastiche, and parody, as well as a celebration of diversity and difference.

Postmodernism also challenges the idea of progress and linear history, instead emphasizing the fragmented and chaotic nature of the world. It is a time of constant change and flux, where there is no fixed meaning or truth.

Overall, the postmodern paradigm period is a time of questioning and deconstruction, where established norms and values are challenged and reevaluated. It is a time of uncertainty and complexity, where individuals are encouraged to think critically and creatively about the world around them.

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