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Detailed lesson on local artists in zimbabwe grade 2?

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Lesson Title: Exploring Local Artists in Zimbabwe

Grade Level: 2

Objective: Students will learn about local artists in Zimbabwe and their contributions to the country's art scene.

- Pictures of local Zimbabwean artists and their artwork
- Paper and pencils for drawing
- Books or articles about Zimbabwean artists
- Map of Zimbabwe

Introduction (10 minutes):
1. Begin the lesson by showing students a map of Zimbabwe and pointing out its location in Africa.
2. Explain to students that Zimbabwe has a rich history of art and that there are many talented artists in the country.
3. Ask students if they have ever heard of any Zimbabwean artists and what they know about them.

Body (30 minutes):
1. Show students pictures of local Zimbabwean artists and their artwork. Discuss the different styles and techniques used by each artist.
2. Read a short biography of each artist and discuss their background and influences.
3. Have students choose one artist to focus on and draw a picture inspired by their work.
4. Discuss the importance of supporting local artists and the impact they have on their communities.

Conclusion (10 minutes):
1. Have students share their drawings with the class and explain why they chose to draw what they did.
2. Ask students what they learned about local artists in Zimbabwe and how they can support them.
3. Encourage students to continue exploring the world of art and to seek out local artists in their own communities.

- Students' participation in class discussions and activities
- Students' drawings inspired by local Zimbabwean artists

- Have students research more about Zimbabwean artists and create a presentation to share with the class.
- Organize a field trip to a local art gallery or museum to see the work of Zimbabwean artists in person.
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Lesson Plan

Subject: Art

Grade Level: 2

Topic: Local Artists in Zimbabwe


- Students will be able to identify and name local Zimbabwean artists.
- Students will be able to recognize the different art styles used by Zimbabwean artists.
- Students will be able to appreciate the value of local art.


- Pictures or slides of local Zimbabwean art
- Books about Zimbabwean artists
- Art supplies (paper, pencils, crayons, markers)


1. Introduction (5 minutes)

- Begin by asking students if they have seen any art from Zimbabwe.
- Show students pictures or slides of some famous Zimbabwean artworks.
- Ask students what they notice about the art.

2. Local Artists (10 minutes)

- Introduce students to some of the most famous local artists in Zimbabwe.
- Show pictures or slides of their artwork.
- Discuss the different styles of art that they use.

3. Art Styles (15 minutes)

- Have students look at the pictures of Zimbabwean art again.
- Ask students to identify the different art styles that they see.
- Discuss the characteristics of each style.

4. Appreciation of Local Art (10 minutes)

- Talk to students about the importance of local art.
- Explain that local art can help us to learn about our history, culture, and identity.
- Encourage students to appreciate the beauty and value of local art.

5. Art Activity (15 minutes)

- Provide students with art supplies.
- Have students create their own artwork inspired by the local Zimbabwean artists they have learned about.


- Observe students during the art activity.
- Collect students' artwork.
- Ask students questions about the local artists and art styles they have learned about.


- For students who are struggling, provide them with more support during the art activity.
- For students who are advanced, challenge them to research a specific local artist and present their findings to the class.

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