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Mar 20

Discuss court system in Tanzania ?

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Mar 20
The court system in Tanzania is based on a mix of customary law, Islamic law, and the English common law system. The judiciary is independent of the executive and legislative branches of government, and the Constitution of Tanzania guarantees the right to a fair trial.

The court system in Tanzania is divided into several levels. At the lowest level are the Primary Courts, which handle minor civil and criminal cases. Above the Primary Courts are the District Courts, which have jurisdiction over more serious criminal cases and civil cases involving larger amounts of money. The High Court is the highest court in Tanzania, with jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases. The High Court also has appellate jurisdiction over decisions made by lower courts.

There are also specialized courts in Tanzania, such as the Commercial Court, the Land Court, and the Labor Court, which handle cases related to their specific areas of law.

The judiciary in Tanzania is overseen by the Chief Justice, who is appointed by the President. The Chief Justice is responsible for the administration of the judiciary and the appointment of judges.

Overall, the court system in Tanzania is designed to ensure that justice is administered fairly and impartially. However, there have been concerns about corruption and inefficiency within the judiciary, and efforts are being made to address these issues and improve the functioning of the court system.

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