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Feb 17

Discuss the hierarchy of courts in uganda??

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Feb 17
In Uganda, the hierarchy of courts is structured as follows:

1. The Supreme Court: This is the highest court in Uganda and has the final authority on all legal matters in the country. It hears appeals from the Court of Appeal and has the power to interpret the constitution.

2. The Court of Appeal: This is the second-highest court in Uganda and hears appeals from the High Court. It also has the power to review decisions made by lower courts.

3. The High Court: This is the court of first instance for most civil and criminal cases in Uganda. It has jurisdiction over all matters within the country and is divided into various divisions, such as the Family Division, Commercial Court, and Land Division.

4. The Chief Magistrate's Court: This court has jurisdiction over civil and criminal matters within its geographical area. It is presided over by a chief magistrate and handles cases of a lower value or seriousness than those heard in the High Court.

5. The Grade One Magistrate's Court: This is the lowest level of court in Uganda and handles minor civil and criminal cases. It is presided over by a grade one magistrate.

Overall, the hierarchy of courts in Uganda ensures that legal matters are heard and decided at the appropriate level of expertise and authority. Appeals can be made from lower courts to higher courts, providing a system of checks and balances within the judiciary.

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