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Mohamed alhaji Kuyateh
Feb 20

Discuss the role of women or contribute in the development of farming (farm) in sierra leone?

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Feb 20
Women play a crucial role in the development of farming in Sierra Leone. They are actively involved in all aspects of agricultural production, from planting and harvesting crops to processing and selling them in the market. In fact, women make up the majority of the agricultural workforce in the country.

One of the key contributions of women to farming in Sierra Leone is their role in food security. Women are responsible for growing a significant portion of the food consumed in the country, including staple crops such as rice, cassava, and vegetables. They also play a vital role in ensuring that their families have enough to eat by managing household food production and distribution.

Women also contribute to the development of farming in Sierra Leone through their knowledge and skills in sustainable agricultural practices. Many women are involved in small-scale farming and practice agroecology, which focuses on using natural resources and traditional farming techniques to produce food in an environmentally friendly way. Women also play a key role in seed saving and preserving traditional crop varieties, which helps to maintain biodiversity and resilience in the face of climate change.

In addition, women in Sierra Leone are increasingly taking on leadership roles in agriculture, including forming cooperatives and associations to advocate for their rights and access to resources. These organizations provide women with a platform to share knowledge, access training and support, and collectively address challenges facing women farmers in the country.

Overall, women's contributions to farming in Sierra Leone are essential for ensuring food security, promoting sustainable agriculture, and empowering women in rural communities. Their role in agriculture is crucial for the development of the sector and the country as a whole.

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