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Dec 19, 2023

Draw through mortise and tenon joints?

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Dec 19, 2023
I'm sorry, but as a text-based AI, I am unable to draw images. However, I can describe how to create a through mortise and tenon joint.

1. Start by marking the location of the mortise and tenon on the two pieces of wood you want to join. The mortise is a rectangular hole, while the tenon is a corresponding protrusion that fits into the mortise.

2. Use a chisel and mallet to carefully remove the material within the marked area for the mortise. Start by making a series of shallow cuts along the length of the mortise, and then gradually deepen the cuts until you reach the desired depth. Be sure to keep the sides of the mortise straight and perpendicular to the surface of the wood.

3. Next, shape the tenon on the end of the other piece of wood. Use a saw to cut the excess material, leaving a rectangular protrusion that matches the dimensions of the mortise. Make sure the tenon fits snugly into the mortise, but not too tight.

4. Once the mortise and tenon are properly shaped, apply some glue to the surfaces that will be in contact with each other. Insert the tenon into the mortise, ensuring that it is fully seated.

5. Clamp the joint together to apply pressure and allow the glue to dry. Make sure the joint is aligned properly and that the surfaces are flush.

6. After the glue has dried, remove the clamps and sand any rough edges or surfaces to achieve a smooth finish.

Remember to practice caution and precision when working with tools, and always wear appropriate safety gear.

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