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Tarisai Kangwete
Mar 23
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Mar 23
There are several elements that are important in controlling, including:

1. Setting clear objectives and goals: Clearly defining what needs to be achieved helps in measuring progress and performance.

2. Establishing performance standards: Setting benchmarks and targets for performance helps in evaluating whether goals are being met.

3. Monitoring and measuring performance: Regularly tracking and assessing performance against set standards helps in identifying deviations and taking corrective actions.

4. Comparing actual performance with standards: Analyzing the gap between actual performance and desired performance helps in understanding where improvements are needed.

5. Taking corrective actions: Implementing changes and adjustments to address deviations from standards and improve performance.

6. Providing feedback: Communicating performance results and feedback to employees helps in motivating them and guiding their efforts towards achieving goals.

7. Reviewing and evaluating results: Assessing the effectiveness of control measures and making necessary adjustments for continuous improvement.

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