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Example of folk songs in tharaka community?

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1. "Kithungo Ya Tharaka" - a traditional song celebrating the beauty and culture of the Tharaka people
2. "Mwenda Njoka" - a song about the mythical snake deity believed to protect the Tharaka community
3. "Kwamboka" - a love song that tells the story of a young couple from Tharaka
4. "Mwenda Njeru" - a song praising the bravery and strength of the Tharaka warriors
5. "Kwamboka Niwe" - a song about the importance of unity and community in Tharaka society.
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Love Songs:

- Mbaria Mbathi: A song about a woman who secretly meets her lover.
- Karu Kii (The Antelope's Horn): A song describing the beauty of a woman's hair.
- Nthui Waru (The Heat of Eight Fires): A song about the intense love between two people.

Work Songs:

- Thumoni (Digging): A song sung by women while digging sweet potatoes.
- Murii (Construction): A song sung by men while building houses.
- Mwothia (Harvesting): A song sung by children and adults during harvest time.

Social Commentary Songs:

- Ngai Uni Mbii (God is Great): A song praising God's power.
- Ng'athire (The Troubles): A song lamenting the difficulties of life.
- Muiri wa Murutu (The Liar): A song criticizing those who spread false information.

Historical Songs:

- Kwangari (The Battle of Kwangari): A song about a historical battle fought by the Tharaka community.
- Njukuri ya Ndorobo (The Prophecy of Ndorobo): A song describing the arrival of white people and the subsequent changes in society.
- Mukindu (The Initiation Ceremony): A song about the cultural practice of initiation among the Tharaka.

Funeral Songs:

- Ng'atho (The Cry): A song expressing grief and mourning.
- Mwaitoi (The Farewell): A song sung as the body of the deceased is being carried to the burial site.
- Mweri (The Day of the Burial): A song acknowledging the finality of death and the passing of time.

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