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examples of Apparatus and their uses?

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1. Microscope - used for magnifying and examining small objects or organisms in detail, commonly used in scientific research and medical diagnosis.

2. Thermometer - used for measuring temperature, commonly used in weather forecasting, cooking, and medical applications.

3. Stethoscope - used for listening to sounds within the body, commonly used by healthcare professionals to listen to heart and lung sounds.

4. Bunsen burner - used for heating and sterilizing in laboratory settings, commonly used in chemistry experiments.

5. Telescope - used for observing distant objects in space, commonly used by astronomers and hobbyists for stargazing.

6. X-ray machine - used for producing images of the inside of the body, commonly used in medical diagnostics to detect fractures, tumors, and other abnormalities.

7. ECG machine - used for recording the electrical activity of the heart, commonly used in medical settings to diagnose heart conditions.

8. Geiger counter - used for detecting and measuring ionizing radiation, commonly used in nuclear power plants, laboratories, and environmental monitoring.

9. pH meter - used for measuring the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, commonly used in chemistry experiments and water quality testing.

10. Blood pressure monitor - used for measuring the pressure of blood in the arteries, commonly used in medical settings to monitor cardiovascular health.

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