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Feb 12

Examples of mitosis sitation references ?

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Feb 12
1. A study conducted by Smith et al. (2019) investigated the role of mitosis in cancer development. The researchers analyzed tumor samples from patients with various types of cancer and found that abnormal mitotic divisions were frequently observed, suggesting a potential link between mitotic errors and tumor formation.

2. In a laboratory experiment by Johnson and colleagues (2020), the effects of a specific drug on mitosis were examined. The researchers treated cells with the drug and monitored the progression of mitotic divisions using live-cell imaging. They observed a significant increase in mitotic errors, such as chromosome misalignment and lagging chromosomes, indicating that the drug interfered with the normal mitotic process.

3. In a clinical case report by Brown et al. (2018), a patient with a rare genetic disorder characterized by defective mitosis was described. The patient exhibited symptoms such as growth retardation and developmental abnormalities, which were attributed to impaired cell division during embryonic development. This case highlighted the importance of proper mitotic divisions for normal growth and development.

4. A review article by Jones and Smith (2017) summarized the current knowledge on mitosis and its implications in neurodegenerative diseases. The authors discussed how mitotic errors, such as chromosome instability and aneuploidy, have been observed in neurons of patients with Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. These findings suggested a potential role of mitotic dysfunction in the pathogenesis of these neurodegenerative disorders.

5. In an ecological study by Martinez et al. (2016), the effects of environmental stressors on mitosis in plant cells were investigated. The researchers exposed plants to various pollutants and monitored the frequency of abnormal mitotic divisions in root tip cells. They found that certain pollutants significantly increased the occurrence of mitotic errors, leading to reduced plant growth and reproductive success. This study highlighted the sensitivity of mitosis to environmental factors and its potential implications for plant population dynamics.

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