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Mar 25
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Mar 25
1. Air pollution: caused by emissions from vehicles, factories, and other sources, leading to smog, respiratory problems, and climate change.

2. Water pollution: caused by industrial waste, agricultural runoff, and sewage, leading to contaminated drinking water, harm to aquatic life, and ecosystem destruction.

3. Soil pollution: caused by pesticides, heavy metals, and other chemicals, leading to reduced soil fertility, contaminated food crops, and harm to wildlife.

4. Noise pollution: caused by traffic, construction, and industrial activities, leading to stress, hearing loss, and disruption of wildlife habitats.

5. Light pollution: caused by excessive artificial light at night, leading to disruption of natural ecosystems, harm to nocturnal animals, and negative impacts on human health.

6. Plastic pollution: caused by the improper disposal of plastic waste, leading to harm to marine life, pollution of waterways, and the release of harmful chemicals into the environment.

7. Radioactive pollution: caused by nuclear accidents, mining activities, and improper disposal of radioactive waste, leading to long-term health risks, contamination of soil and water, and environmental damage.

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