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Tumsime Godfrey
Mar 6

Explain how brackets used as punctuation mark ?

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Mar 6
Brackets are used as punctuation marks in writing to enclose or set off certain elements within a sentence. They are used to provide additional information, clarify meaning, or indicate an aside or interruption in the text.

There are several different types of brackets that are commonly used in writing:

1. Round brackets (parentheses): These are used to enclose additional information that is not essential to the main point of the sentence. For example, "The concert (which was held outdoors) was canceled due to rain."

2. Square brackets: These are often used to indicate editorial changes or additions to a direct quotation. For example, "The witness stated, 'I saw the car [drive] away.'"

3. Curly brackets (braces): These are used in mathematical equations or to group related items together. For example, "{2 + 3} x 4 = 20."

Overall, brackets are a versatile punctuation mark that can be used to enhance the clarity and organization of written text.

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