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Maiko Masebo
Feb 7

Explain the role of TANU in struggle for independence in Tanganyika?

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Feb 7
The Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) played a crucial role in the struggle for independence in Tanganyika (now Tanzania). TANU was founded in 1954 with the aim of achieving self-government and independence for Tanganyika from British colonial rule.

TANU's primary objective was to unite the various ethnic and regional groups in Tanganyika under a common political platform. It sought to mobilize the African population and create a sense of national identity and solidarity. TANU's leader, Julius Nyerere, emphasized the importance of non-violent means and peaceful coexistence in achieving independence.

TANU organized various campaigns and activities to raise awareness and mobilize support for independence. It held public meetings, rallies, and demonstrations to educate the population about their rights and the need for self-rule. TANU also established branches and local committees across the country to ensure grassroots participation and representation.

TANU's strategy was to negotiate with the British colonial authorities for a gradual transfer of power. It engaged in discussions and negotiations with the colonial government, demanding increased African representation in the legislative council and the eventual establishment of a fully elected government.

TANU's efforts were met with resistance from the colonial authorities, who were initially reluctant to grant significant political power to Africans. However, TANU's persistent advocacy and growing support from the population eventually led to the achievement of self-government in 1959 and full independence in 1961.

After independence, TANU transformed into the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), which remains the ruling party in Tanzania to this day. TANU's legacy in the struggle for independence is significant, as it laid the foundation for the political and social transformation of Tanganyika into an independent nation.

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