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Feb 20

Explain the strength and weakness of the kachru's (1992) model of world English?


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Feb 20
1. Comprehensive: Kachru's model provides a comprehensive framework for understanding the global spread and development of English as a world language. It takes into account the historical, social, and linguistic factors that have influenced the spread of English around the world.

2. Three concentric circles: The model categorizes English-speaking countries into three concentric circles - Inner Circle, Outer Circle, and Expanding Circle. This classification helps in understanding the different roles and functions of English in different parts of the world.

3. Acknowledges diversity: Kachru's model recognizes the diversity of English varieties and the importance of local contexts in shaping the use of English in different regions. It highlights the dynamic nature of English as a global language.

1. Simplistic categorization: Some critics argue that Kachru's model oversimplifies the complex nature of English as a global language. The three-circle classification may not accurately capture the diversity and complexity of English varieties and their use in different contexts.

2. Western-centric perspective: Kachru's model has been criticized for its Western-centric perspective, which may overlook the contributions of non-Western countries to the development and spread of English. It may also reinforce the dominance of Western norms and standards in the use of English globally.

3. Limited focus on power dynamics: The model does not explicitly address the power dynamics involved in the spread of English as a global language. It may not adequately capture the unequal relationships between English-speaking countries and non-English-speaking countries, and the impact of these power dynamics on the use of English worldwide.

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