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Derick Makatu
Mar 19

Explain three gender development theories?

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Mar 19
1. Social Learning Theory: This theory suggests that gender development is influenced by socialization and observational learning. According to this theory, children learn gender roles and behaviors by observing and imitating the behaviors of others, particularly their parents, peers, and media figures. Children are rewarded for conforming to gender norms and punished for deviating from them, leading to the internalization of gender roles.

2. Cognitive Development Theory: This theory, proposed by psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg, suggests that children go through a series of stages in their understanding of gender. At a young age, children develop a basic understanding of gender identity (knowing whether they are a boy or a girl). As they grow older, they develop a more complex understanding of gender roles and stereotypes, and begin to internalize societal expectations for how boys and girls should behave.

3. Gender Schema Theory: This theory, proposed by psychologist Sandra Bem, suggests that children develop gender schemas, or mental frameworks, that guide their understanding of gender. These schemas are formed through socialization and experiences, and influence how children interpret and respond to gender-related information. Children actively seek out information that is consistent with their gender schema, and may ignore or distort information that is inconsistent with it. This theory emphasizes the role of cognitive processes in shaping gender development.

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