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Apr 2

Explain two function of shutter in a camera?

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Apr 2
1. Control exposure: The shutter in a camera controls the amount of light that reaches the camera sensor or film. By adjusting the shutter speed, the photographer can control how long the sensor or film is exposed to light, which in turn affects the brightness of the image. A faster shutter speed lets in less light, resulting in a darker image, while a slower shutter speed lets in more light, resulting in a brighter image.

2. Freeze motion: The shutter speed also plays a crucial role in freezing or capturing motion in a photograph. A fast shutter speed (such as 1/1000 of a second) can freeze fast-moving subjects, such as a speeding car or a flying bird, resulting in a sharp and clear image. On the other hand, a slow shutter speed (such as 1/30 of a second) can create motion blur, capturing the movement of a subject, such as a flowing river or a moving car, in a photograph. By adjusting the shutter speed, photographers can creatively capture motion in their images.

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