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Prisca Okoh
Feb 25

Features of constitution?

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Feb 25
1. Preamble: A statement that outlines the purpose and goals of the constitution.

2. Fundamental Rights: Guarantees the rights and freedoms of individuals, such as freedom of speech, religion, and assembly.

3. Separation of Powers: Divides the government into three branches – executive, legislative, and judicial – to prevent any one branch from becoming too powerful.

4. Checks and Balances: Each branch of government has the ability to limit the powers of the other branches to ensure a balance of power.

5. Federalism: Division of power between the national government and state governments.

6. Amendment Process: Provides a mechanism for making changes to the constitution as needed.

7. Rule of Law: All individuals, including government officials, are subject to and must abide by the law.

8. Judicial Review: The power of the courts to review and potentially invalidate laws or actions that are deemed unconstitutional.

9. Supremacy Clause: Establishes that the constitution is the supreme law of the land, and all laws and actions must comply with it.

10. Bill of Rights: A list of specific rights and freedoms that are protected from government infringement.
Jalqabaa Getachoo
Feb 25
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