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Apr 8

Features of social work?

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Apr 8
1. Advocacy: Social workers advocate for the rights and well-being of individuals and communities, working to address social injustices and promote social change.

2. Case management: Social workers help individuals and families navigate complex systems and access resources and services to meet their needs.

3. Counseling: Social workers provide emotional support, guidance, and counseling to individuals and families facing challenges and crises.

4. Crisis intervention: Social workers respond to emergencies and crises, providing immediate support and assistance to individuals and communities in distress.

5. Community organizing: Social workers work with communities to identify needs, develop solutions, and mobilize resources to address social issues and improve quality of life.

6. Education and prevention: Social workers provide education and prevention programs to promote mental health, prevent substance abuse, and address other social issues.

7. Research and evaluation: Social workers conduct research and evaluation to inform practice, policy, and program development in the field of social work.

8. Collaboration: Social workers collaborate with other professionals, agencies, and organizations to provide comprehensive and coordinated services to individuals and communities.

9. Ethical practice: Social workers adhere to a code of ethics that guides their professional conduct and decision-making, ensuring that they uphold the values and principles of the social work profession.

10. Cultural competence: Social workers are trained to work effectively with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, respecting and valuing differences in beliefs, values, and practices.

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